What’s In A Name?

I tried to come up with some songs/bands that were “relevant” to the past two weeks here in Western South Dakota. After spending 4 days without power, 6 days without a landline or computer (it would have been worse but we were out of town for the first 3 fun-filled days) I have given up. Besides I hauled the last of 15 pick-up loads (an estimate) of tree limbs, branches and leaves to the refuse site today. So we’ll look ahead to Halloween…..it’s more fun anyway. And remember, we don’t make these up.


Ali Ingle: “Jekyll and Hyde”
Anchoress: “Zombies On A Plane”
Bauhaus: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”
Bloodgroup: “Cut Out Your Tongue”
The Casket Girls: “Universal Language”
Dead When I Found Her: “Rain Machine”
The Dead Heads: “When I’m Dead”
Ensemble Pearl: “Painting On A Corpse”
Los Saicos: “Cementerio” (see Random Notes)
Tom Waits: “Cemetary Polka”
Gretel’s Revenge: “Kill The Bride”
R.L. Kelly: “You’re Not The Only Monster From Hell”
Supreme Dicks: “Jack-O-Lantern”
Vampyros Lesbos: “Sanxion”
Zombina And The Skeletones: “Zombie Hop”