September 23, 2015


Maybe I’m just getting older, but I find myself getting a bit “fried” by things that never seemed to phase me in the past. Everyone is an expert these days. Maintaining one’s perspective is often difficult. I try to keep reminding myself of my mother’s favorite saying, “if nothing else you can always serve as a bad example”. So here’s what’s on my musical s— list this week:

1. EDM aficionados who don’t like the term “disco”. Okay, I promise I won’t call broccoli a vegetable ever again.
2. Only getting 30 seconds of a song sample at iTunes and Amazon. It’s like a movie studio putting all the jokes for a new comedy in the previews.
3. Musicians who put all their energies into the production and forget to include an actual musical component.
4. The term “neo-classical” music. Please explain that.
5. Music reviews that leave you wondering if the album was actually any good.
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s set list. It’s so old it’s actually yellowed.
7. People who believe everything Miley Cyrus does is spontaneous.
8. The song [seven seconds] on the new Titus Andronicus album. It’s 7 seconds of dead air. On the other hand they labeled the song “Into The Void” (appropriately enough) as “Filler”.
9. People who believe the current “singles” phase is destroying popular music. Anyone remember the 45?
10. Criticizing The Rolling Stones for touring again and charging “outrageous” ticket prices. The day the first 10 rows charge the stage in their walkers they’ll have a point…..maybe.

I feel better already.