September 1, 2013

We’re back with another edition and some great new (and in many cases “free”) music. A reminder again that we use SoundCloud for most of our free downloads and you may have to register. However, your info is secure and they don’t send annoying solicitations. And you can troll for more free music.

We Used To Make Things: “We’re All Fucked Up”

The band’s SoundCloud page says they “are a sixteen legged alternative pop band who hail from London. With a penchant for three part harmonies, fiery brass and melodic pop hooks”. Here is a link to the mp3 and a YouTube video.
Underground Lovers: “Au Pair”

They’re from Australia and have eleven albums to their credit. Their latest is called “Weekend”. They excel at mixing blues-based rock ‘n’ roll with electronica….think New Order. Here is a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
Kirin J. Callinan: “Embracisim”

The Australians obviously love artists that are a bit different and Callinan is much-loved (or so I’m told). One publication described him as “a very strange man making very strange music”. Here is a link to the mp3 at Fader and a YouTube streaming video.
Keep Shelly In Athens: “Recollection” (Selebrities remix)

I’m not a fan of remixes; I want the original. This new wave remix by the Brooklyn trio Selebrities is an exception. Keep Shelly’s debut album comes out on the 17th. I am not sure why I assumed the band was from Georgia. Here is a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud.
Big Gigantic X Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Can’t Hold Us”

Another remix. This is by the Boulder, Colorado duo Big Gigantic, who have taken “Can’t Hold Us” in a whole new direction…one I think you’ll like. By the way the cover story in the August 29th issue of Rolling Stone on Macklemore and Lewis is worth a read. Here is a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud and a YouTube video of Gigantic performing the song live.
Bob Dylan: “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”

Here’s an outtake from the “New Morning” sessions that was left off the just released “Another Self Portrait” set. The mp3 download is at Aquarium Drunkard.
Mike Doughty: “The Idiot Kings”

As a long-time Soul Coughing fan I was surprised and happy to hear that Doughty was putting out an album of reimagined SC tracks. “Circles Super Bon Bon….” is due September 17. According to Doughty, these are the songs “as I meant them to be”. Here is a link to the mp3 at WXRT.
The Very Best & Seye: “Maso Luso”

A very interesting cover of Mumford & Sons’ “Below My Feet” by the Swedish/African duo and the London-based, Nigerian-born Seye. Here is the link to the mp3 at Stereogum
Classix: “Holdin On”

Everyone could use a little dance music from time to time. Here is the link to the free mp3 at SoundCloud
Hooverphonic: “Unfinished Symphony”

This Belgian pop/rock band covers one of Massive Attack’s best known songs. Hooverphonic started out as a trip-hop band so it wasn’t a big leap for them. Here is a link to the free mp3 at Diffuser and a live video at YouTube.
Have Gun Will Travel: “Standing At The End Of The World”

Is it country? Is it Americana/pop? Is it roots-rock? The band is from Bradenton, Florida and their new album (their fourth) “Fiction, Fact or Folktale?” is due September 10. Here is a free mp3 at SoundCloud and a video at YouTube. And I just came across a free sampler at NoiseTrade with “Standing” plus six songs from the band’s three previous albums. Here’s the link.
We’ll close this section with links to more free music. First is Amazon’s September edition of Artists On The Rise, a sampler from the folks at Red called “Afropunk 2013” and a fun free album of covers by little hurricane. I wasn’t familiar with the band but I am now officially a fan.

Artists On The Rise
Afropunk 2013
little hurricane