July 7, 2015

thZGDG92Z0Progress? Everything I read and hear tells me that downloading is slowly being replaced by streaming: Pandora, Spotify and now Apple. Personally I like having a little more control over what I listen to. And no algorithm can tell me exactly what I like even with 52,000 plus songs in my iTunes folder as a guide. However, I’ve also moved from 78s to 45s to LPs to 8-tracks to cassettes to cds to mp3s so adding streaming to the list shouldn’t be so hard. Should it? And if that’s the future who am I to bitch.

So dear readers I have now put up a Spotify playlist, “The Best of 2015 so far and a few I missed from 2014”. I am also in the process of filling out another that I call “Missed Hits” (that one may take awhile). The one thing I like about streaming playlists is the ability to add to them on a daily basis. By the way I picked Spotify because there is a “free” element if you don’t mind the occasional ad. Personally I prefer the $9.99 per month package that is ad-free. Here’s a link to my playlists: