July 28, 2013

We’re back with our July edition. Some good music, but first a question from some folks who have indicated they have problems downloading free mp3s from SoundCloud. You may have to register, however, your info is secure and they do not send junk email messages. I can remember getting just one in all the time I have been registered and that was for an enhancement to the site. I like SoundCloud as it is easy to navigate and if you want to explore for even more free music, it is the place to go. So let’s get started:

The Jim Jones Revue: “Where Da Money Go?”.

This is from the UK band’s debut album “The Savage Heart”. I’m not a big fan of the lead singer, but there’s no denying the band’s ability to kick out the jams. Call it “The Stooges Meet Little Richard”. Here’s a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
The Dead Daisies featuring Slash: “Lock ‘n’ Load”.

The title says it all. And with Slash participating you know you’re getting some late 70s/early 80s heavy duty rock ‘n’ roll. This is off the band’s debut which comes out August 13. Here’s a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
Steel Pulse: “Put Your Hoodie On (4 Trayvon)”

We need to remember that reggae had a political element to it and that social criticism came naturally. You may have an argument with the lyrics, but the music is infectuous. Steel Pulse are still one of the best reggae bands ever…..and that’s saying something. Here’s a link to the mp3 download at SoundCloud and a YouTube video.
Matt Pond: “Hole In My Heart”

This is from his 10th album. And while Matt is considered part of the indie-rock “old guard”, his music continues to impress. Here’s a link to the SoundCloud mp3 download and the YouTube video.
Dirty Streets: “Stay Thirsty”

This Memphis based power trio has a great future, reminding me of early Black Crowes. The song is off their debut album “Blades of Grass”. Definitely a band to watch. Grab the mp3 at SoundCloud and watch the video at YouTube.
Stargill Simpson: “Life Ain’t Fair”

I don’t know much about this gentleman, but anyone who draws comparisons to Waylon Jennings gets my attention. I love the lyrics. The mp3 download is from Amazon and the video is at YouTube.
Micky Dolenz: “Randy Scouse Git”

This is from Micky’s 2012 album “Remember” and was originally on The Monkees’ “Headquarters” LP. Here’s the current mp3 version from AM, Then FM and the current video and The Monkees video version from YouTube.
Astrud Gilberto: “Take It Easy My Brother Charles”

I was never a big fan of Astrud’s 1972 album “Now”, but this song made the whole album worthwhile. I came across it, along with nine more free Brazilian favorites at Aquarium Drunkard. Grab them all. Here’s the link to Aquarium Drunkard.
Bobby “Blue” Bland: “Lovin’ Blues”

I didn’t get around to commenting about the passing of the “The Sinatra of The Blues” or posting this free mp3 that I came across at Said the Gramophone. If you aren’t/weren’t a fan of Bobby hopefully you’ll do some exploring. He was one of the greats and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. “Lovin’ Blues” was recorded in 1952. Here’s the link to the mp3 at Gramophone and a YouTube video of The Memphis Kings (Bobby and BB King) on Soul Train in 1975.
Caitlin Rose: “Only A Clown”

From Caitlin’s second album “The Stand-In”. She’s just one of a talented new group of Nashville female singer-songwriters that includes Kacey Musgraves and Ashley Monroe. Caitlin is a bit more eclectic, and more than willing to push the limits of the country genre. Here’s a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud and a YouTube video.
CFCF: “Camera”

The latest from the Canadian DJ and electronic artist. One publication called the music “hypnotic”……I agree. Here’s a link to the mp3 download at Magnet Magazine and a YouTube video.
Katie Noonan: “Breathe In Now”

Katie is one of those rare artists who can sing opera, jazz, folk and rock with ease. She’s not well known outside her native Australia and that’s unfortunate. This is from “Songbook”, which is a “reinvention” of her catalog of songs recorded with just strings and piano. Grab Breathe In Now and listen to the YouTube video streaming of the song. I think you will be impressed. If you want more info go to katienoonan.com
Great Zeus’ Beard: “Alone”

This North Carolina rock trio was featured on Indie Rock Cafe (a favorite site of ours) in April. You can hear a lot of influences, but the band still manages to sound completely original. I love the album cover. I am including a link to the complete post as there are some other equally interesting bands for you to check out. Here is the link to Indie Rock Cafe; sorry no video.
The Burning Hell: “Grown Ups”

Any song that begins with the line, “You were a Nazi hunter” piques my interest and definitely deserves a serious listen. The song is described as being about “remembering old friends, avoiding high school reunions and possibly faking your own death”. Interesting. Here is a link to the mp3 download at SoundCloud and a wonderful DIY video.