October 27, 2013

We’re back with lots of good stuff. Unfortunately we’re a little tardy with this installment, but circumstances beyond our control and all that (see the last bit of “What’s In A Name” for more of a rundown). Besides I’ve come to the conclusion that being a blogger means never having to say you’re sorry. Still………….

Johnny Hallyday: “Hey Joe”

The French singer/actor’s is called “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of”. This 1967 cover (Jimi Hendrix, The Leaves, Deep Purple, The Byrds, etc.) is a bit cheesy but fun. The download is at Aquarium Drunkard. Here’s the link.
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue: “Fire and Brimstone”

Troy Andrews is (obviously) from New Orleans and the grandson of singer Jessie Hill. He’s appeared in six episodes of the HBO series “Treme” and released 9 albums with his latest “Say That To Say This” just out. Right click on the Fire & Brimstone link to download. Here’s the YouTube video.
The Royal Concept: “Radio”

The Swedish band is often compared to Phoenix (but then every band is compared to someone), though I think they are a lot more interesting. This is from their “Royal” EP. Here’s a link to the SoundCloud download and a YouTube stream
Cameron McGill: “American Health Insurance”

This is from Cameron’s latest “Gallows Etiquette”, an album filled with memorable songs and lyric content that is guaranteed to make you stop and listen……”I’ve got health insurance that only works if I die”. Love those Chicago boys,. Here’s the link at Largehearted Boy.
Bob Dylan: “Copper Kettle”

Another gem from Dylan’s “Another Self Portrait” double cd. The link is to Aquarium Drunkard…again.
America: “Horse With No Name”

I don’t understand the fascination with remixing, though every once in a great while I stumble across a reimaging that is so out in left field I just have to pass it along. Here’s the link at SoundCloud. The remix is by Joman.
The Parson Red Heads: “To The Sky”

The Portland band’s third album “Orb Weaver” is out now. It’s americana/ folk-rock that is reminiscent of CSNY and Fleetwood Mac at times. I’m told the band’s earlier albums had more of an indie-rock flavor to them. Here’s a link to the download at SoundCloud.
Jeff Simmons: “I’m In The Music Business”

Jeff was part of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention cast during the 70s, and is one of the few musicians to share a songwriting credit with Frank. This is from his solo album “Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up”. The link is to Raven Sings The Blues where you will find the download and his version of “Wonderful Wino”. Scroll down to 6.15.2010. Here’s the link.
Caro Emerald: “Coming Back As A Man”

The Dutch jazz/pop singer has yet to crack the American market though I believe it’s just a matter of time. Her second album “The Shocking Miss Emerald” went to #1 on the UK album charts. You can download “Coming Back” and five other acoustic versions of songs from the new album at her website. Here’s the link. There are also some videos.
The Belle Sounds: “Starry Eyed”

This is from the band’s debut EP which came out earlier this year. They’re from Austin, Texas and as you might expect they easily access music as diverse as country, folk and indie rock. The link is to Magnet magazine for the download.
Lily Kershaw: “Bathed In Blue”

This is from Lily’s debut album “Midnight In The Garden”. Three songs are available at NoiseTrade (here’s the link). One of her songs (unfortunately not on the sampler) “As It Seems” was used in an episode of “Criminal Minds” last year.
We Used To Make Things: “We’re All Fucked Up”

We featured this in our last edition. Unfortunately we got a few emails that the link was bad, so I’m running it again. And considering the way things have been going in Washington, posting it seemed appropriate. If you’re making an “indie soul party” playlist, you need to include this. Here’s the SoundCloud link and the YouTube video.
Tal National: “Wongharey”

Another party band, this time from Niger. Their marathon stage shows are said to be legendary. This is from their new album “Kaani”, their first world-wide release. Here’s a download link to SoundCloud and a video at YouTube.
Boy George: “Play Me”

In case you’ve been wondering what the “Boy” has been up to lately, here is a song from his new album “This Is What I Do”. The free download is at amazon.com (here’s the link); the live video is at YouTube.
The Suburbs: “Turn The Radio On”

This Minneapolis band has been around since the late 70s playng a mix of punk rock, funk and new wave. This is from their new album “Si Sauvage”, their first new album in 27 years. A great song but I wonder if we’ll reach a time when we have to explain to young people what a radio is or was much less how to turn one on. Just a thought. The link is to one of my favorite blogs indierockcafe. The download is about 3/4 of the way down the page and there is a lot of good music to download along the way. Here’s a video performed live at YouTube.

September 1, 2013

We’re back with another edition and some great new (and in many cases “free”) music. A reminder again that we use SoundCloud for most of our free downloads and you may have to register. However, your info is secure and they don’t send annoying solicitations. And you can troll for more free music.

We Used To Make Things: “We’re All Fucked Up”

The band’s SoundCloud page says they “are a sixteen legged alternative pop band who hail from London. With a penchant for three part harmonies, fiery brass and melodic pop hooks”. Here is a link to the mp3 and a YouTube video.
Underground Lovers: “Au Pair”

They’re from Australia and have eleven albums to their credit. Their latest is called “Weekend”. They excel at mixing blues-based rock ‘n’ roll with electronica….think New Order. Here is a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
Kirin J. Callinan: “Embracisim”

The Australians obviously love artists that are a bit different and Callinan is much-loved (or so I’m told). One publication described him as “a very strange man making very strange music”. Here is a link to the mp3 at Fader and a YouTube streaming video.
Keep Shelly In Athens: “Recollection” (Selebrities remix)

I’m not a fan of remixes; I want the original. This new wave remix by the Brooklyn trio Selebrities is an exception. Keep Shelly’s debut album comes out on the 17th. I am not sure why I assumed the band was from Georgia. Here is a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud.
Big Gigantic X Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Can’t Hold Us”

Another remix. This is by the Boulder, Colorado duo Big Gigantic, who have taken “Can’t Hold Us” in a whole new direction…one I think you’ll like. By the way the cover story in the August 29th issue of Rolling Stone on Macklemore and Lewis is worth a read. Here is a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud and a YouTube video of Gigantic performing the song live.
Bob Dylan: “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”

Here’s an outtake from the “New Morning” sessions that was left off the just released “Another Self Portrait” set. The mp3 download is at Aquarium Drunkard.
Mike Doughty: “The Idiot Kings”

As a long-time Soul Coughing fan I was surprised and happy to hear that Doughty was putting out an album of reimagined SC tracks. “Circles Super Bon Bon….” is due September 17. According to Doughty, these are the songs “as I meant them to be”. Here is a link to the mp3 at WXRT.
The Very Best & Seye: “Maso Luso”

A very interesting cover of Mumford & Sons’ “Below My Feet” by the Swedish/African duo and the London-based, Nigerian-born Seye. Here is the link to the mp3 at Stereogum
Classix: “Holdin On”

Everyone could use a little dance music from time to time. Here is the link to the free mp3 at SoundCloud
Hooverphonic: “Unfinished Symphony”

This Belgian pop/rock band covers one of Massive Attack’s best known songs. Hooverphonic started out as a trip-hop band so it wasn’t a big leap for them. Here is a link to the free mp3 at Diffuser and a live video at YouTube.
Have Gun Will Travel: “Standing At The End Of The World”

Is it country? Is it Americana/pop? Is it roots-rock? The band is from Bradenton, Florida and their new album (their fourth) “Fiction, Fact or Folktale?” is due September 10. Here is a free mp3 at SoundCloud and a video at YouTube. And I just came across a free sampler at NoiseTrade with “Standing” plus six songs from the band’s three previous albums. Here’s the link.
We’ll close this section with links to more free music. First is Amazon’s September edition of Artists On The Rise, a sampler from the folks at Red called “Afropunk 2013” and a fun free album of covers by little hurricane. I wasn’t familiar with the band but I am now officially a fan.

Artists On The Rise
Afropunk 2013
little hurricane

July 28, 2013

We’re back with our July edition. Some good music, but first a question from some folks who have indicated they have problems downloading free mp3s from SoundCloud. You may have to register, however, your info is secure and they do not send junk email messages. I can remember getting just one in all the time I have been registered and that was for an enhancement to the site. I like SoundCloud as it is easy to navigate and if you want to explore for even more free music, it is the place to go. So let’s get started:

The Jim Jones Revue: “Where Da Money Go?”.

This is from the UK band’s debut album “The Savage Heart”. I’m not a big fan of the lead singer, but there’s no denying the band’s ability to kick out the jams. Call it “The Stooges Meet Little Richard”. Here’s a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
The Dead Daisies featuring Slash: “Lock ‘n’ Load”.

The title says it all. And with Slash participating you know you’re getting some late 70s/early 80s heavy duty rock ‘n’ roll. This is off the band’s debut which comes out August 13. Here’s a link to the mp3 at Rolling Stone and a YouTube video.
Steel Pulse: “Put Your Hoodie On (4 Trayvon)”

We need to remember that reggae had a political element to it and that social criticism came naturally. You may have an argument with the lyrics, but the music is infectuous. Steel Pulse are still one of the best reggae bands ever…..and that’s saying something. Here’s a link to the mp3 download at SoundCloud and a YouTube video.
Matt Pond: “Hole In My Heart”

This is from his 10th album. And while Matt is considered part of the indie-rock “old guard”, his music continues to impress. Here’s a link to the SoundCloud mp3 download and the YouTube video.
Dirty Streets: “Stay Thirsty”

This Memphis based power trio has a great future, reminding me of early Black Crowes. The song is off their debut album “Blades of Grass”. Definitely a band to watch. Grab the mp3 at SoundCloud and watch the video at YouTube.
Stargill Simpson: “Life Ain’t Fair”

I don’t know much about this gentleman, but anyone who draws comparisons to Waylon Jennings gets my attention. I love the lyrics. The mp3 download is from Amazon and the video is at YouTube.
Micky Dolenz: “Randy Scouse Git”

This is from Micky’s 2012 album “Remember” and was originally on The Monkees’ “Headquarters” LP. Here’s the current mp3 version from AM, Then FM and the current video and The Monkees video version from YouTube.
Astrud Gilberto: “Take It Easy My Brother Charles”

I was never a big fan of Astrud’s 1972 album “Now”, but this song made the whole album worthwhile. I came across it, along with nine more free Brazilian favorites at Aquarium Drunkard. Grab them all. Here’s the link to Aquarium Drunkard.
Bobby “Blue” Bland: “Lovin’ Blues”

I didn’t get around to commenting about the passing of the “The Sinatra of The Blues” or posting this free mp3 that I came across at Said the Gramophone. If you aren’t/weren’t a fan of Bobby hopefully you’ll do some exploring. He was one of the greats and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. “Lovin’ Blues” was recorded in 1952. Here’s the link to the mp3 at Gramophone and a YouTube video of The Memphis Kings (Bobby and BB King) on Soul Train in 1975.
Caitlin Rose: “Only A Clown”

From Caitlin’s second album “The Stand-In”. She’s just one of a talented new group of Nashville female singer-songwriters that includes Kacey Musgraves and Ashley Monroe. Caitlin is a bit more eclectic, and more than willing to push the limits of the country genre. Here’s a link to the mp3 at SoundCloud and a YouTube video.
CFCF: “Camera”

The latest from the Canadian DJ and electronic artist. One publication called the music “hypnotic”……I agree. Here’s a link to the mp3 download at Magnet Magazine and a YouTube video.
Katie Noonan: “Breathe In Now”

Katie is one of those rare artists who can sing opera, jazz, folk and rock with ease. She’s not well known outside her native Australia and that’s unfortunate. This is from “Songbook”, which is a “reinvention” of her catalog of songs recorded with just strings and piano. Grab Breathe In Now and listen to the YouTube video streaming of the song. I think you will be impressed. If you want more info go to katienoonan.com
Great Zeus’ Beard: “Alone”

This North Carolina rock trio was featured on Indie Rock Cafe (a favorite site of ours) in April. You can hear a lot of influences, but the band still manages to sound completely original. I love the album cover. I am including a link to the complete post as there are some other equally interesting bands for you to check out. Here is the link to Indie Rock Cafe; sorry no video.
The Burning Hell: “Grown Ups”

Any song that begins with the line, “You were a Nazi hunter” piques my interest and definitely deserves a serious listen. The song is described as being about “remembering old friends, avoiding high school reunions and possibly faking your own death”. Interesting. Here is a link to the mp3 download at SoundCloud and a wonderful DIY video.


June 23, 2013

I apologize for not  submitting a new edition of the blog sooner, afterall summer is THE music season. Alas medical and family issues took precedent. We’ll attempt to make it up to you with some great music and lots of it……enjoy!

Beach: “Ibuprofen”.

A fitting song to start the blog, as I have consumed enough of it’s medicinal relatives of late. This is from the album “In Us We Trust” which drops July 16. It’s hip-hop mixed with electro-rock, though I have a feeling the album draws on a lot of different influences. Here’s a SoundClound download link and a YouTube video.
Deafheaven: “Dream House”

This is from the just released “Sunbather” album which got a MetaCritic score of 97!!!!! The San Francisco trio plays a mix of black metal, post-rock and emo (not my description). Here’s the YouTube streaming video and a link to the download at SoundCloud. Just play it loud!
Herbie Hancock: “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”

A cut from the 1973 politically charged movie soundtrack that featured Herbie’s score and his band that included Eddie Henderson and Bennie Maupin. You will find the download plus two others at Destination Out, one of our favorite sites for jazz. Here is the link.
Bomboclat: A Vintage Reggae/Dub Mixtape

This is a download from Aquarium Drunkard featuring Black Uhuru, Wailing Souls, Burning Spear and lots more. There are two Rocksteady mixtapes also available. Here’s the link. Good stuff.
The Wake Up Suzzys: “Wake Up Suzzy”

The band is from Tel Aviv and “love playing fast rock and roll influenced by old American movies, Fender guitar and big money; it’s all about fun, fun, fun”. I’m impressed and will be looking for more from this band. The downloads are from the June 5 post of Indie Rock Cafe. While on the post I’d recommend also downloading My Empire of Sound’s “For The Lovers You Left Behind” and Ka Tet’s “Bob ‘n’ Charlie”. Here’s the link.
James Hunter: “Don’t Come Back” and “No Smoke Without Fire”

Another gem from Aquarium Drunkard. James is from the UK and plays music reminiscent of 50s and 60s R&B. Van Morrison has had James open for him. His latest album “People Gonna Talk” came out in February. Here’s the link.
La Santa Cecilia: “La Negra”

A friend sent me the link to this LA based Mex-Am band. They got a Latin Grammy nomination for the song. If you like Quetzal and Ozomatli check them out…..even if you don’t. Here’s the link to the KCRW download.
The Flame: “See The Light” and “Get Your Mind Made Up”

The Flame were a South African rock band and the first non-Beach Boy album for Brother Records. It was produced by Carl Wilson and had a Beatles influence that was almost too obvious. The album came out in 1970 to critical acclaim but poor sales. By 1972 the band was over with Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar joining the Beach Boys (they played on the 1973 live album). Here’s the link to Raven Sings The Blues.
Shad+Skratch Bastid: “Outta My Head”

I am not a big rap fan but every once in a while I have to amend my opinion. This samples Shuggie Otis’ “Outta My Head” from his “Inspiration Information” album. It’s a great song with a great sample and “thank you” to the group for letting us post it. Here’s Outta My Head and a streaming video at YouTube. And check out their 5-track “Spring Up” album at Bandcamp.

Ora Cogan: “Black Swells”

Ora is a Canadian “folk singer”. I have that in quotes because she doesn’t really fit the profile. She plays guitar, violin, piano and dulcimer; and (according to a bio) likes Neil Young and David Bowie. She is not for the casual listener. The song is from her latest album “Ribbon Vine”. You need to hear this. Here’s Black Swells.
Sensual Harassment: “Make Me Human Again”

This seems like a good spot for some high-energy, “put on your dancin’ shoes” music. This comes from the disco-pop duo’s latest “Escape From Alpha Draconis”. Believe it or not their backgrounds are in punk-rock and metal. Then again, as they put it, “it’s all about the energy”. Here’s the download link to SoundCloud.
Andreas Kummert: “Autism”

I have no idea what this is about or the background. I do know that Andreas is a German singer-songwriter with a bright future if this song is any indication. Here is the download link to SoundCloud.
Picture Day: “Madoline”

This St. Louis foursome has new ep “Every Day Is A Picture Day”. They say the chorus was inspired by Frankie Valli and Del Shannon….whatever. Here is the download link and their “homemade” video at YouTube.
Stone Temple Pilots: “Out Of Time”

I have never been a huge fan so the fact that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has replaced the ever-(un)dependable Scott Weiland as lead singer is no big deal. The only thing I care about is the quality of the music and this song I like. The link is to the band’s website and you will have to give them an email address (you can opt out at anytime). Here’s a link to a stream of the song at YouTube and a link to the band’s website
The Beastles: “ILL SUBMARINE”

And finally for this edition, something I came across the other day and haven’t had time to really explore. However, any “mashup project” of the Beatles and The Beastie Boys is definitely worth exploring. There are a number of free albums to download on the site, the brainchild of dj BC. Here’s the link to the site and a Vimeo video

March 24, 2013

No mp3 downloads this week, but we do have a bunch of FREE albums.

From NoiseTrade:

Caro Emerald: “Caro Emerald Sampler”
Her real name is Caroline Esmeralda van der Leuuw (you’d have a “stage name ” too) and she’s a Dutch jazz singer with obvious pop influences. Her debut album spent 30 weeks at number one on the Dutch album charts and has sold over a million copies worldwide. Her songs have been featured in television shows like the short-lived “Playboy Club” and “The Vampire Diaries” and a number of movies. Here’s a link to the NoiseTrade sampler and a YouTube video.

Elle Macho: “!”
A veteran Nashville trio consisting of guitarist David Mead, drummer Lindsey Jamieson and bassist Butterfly Boucher (see more from her below). They are hard to categorize; NoiseTrade says they appeal to fans of The Pretenders, XTC and P.J. Harvey. Their cover of “Click Click” from The Beat’s 1980 classic album “I Just Can’t Stop It” is not to be missed. Here’s the link to the NoiseTrade album and a YouTube video.

Fol Chen: “A Timely Introduction To The Sounds of Fol Chen”
Fol Chen is an eclectic, electronic pop band from LA that has just released their third album “The False Alarms”. The group describes their music as “beat driven electronica with grand operatic gestures and lyrically-dense storytelling”. They are signed to Asthmatic Kitty of Lander, Wyoming (home to Sufjan Stevens), so expect something different. The sampler includes songs from their first two albums, a cover of Sufjan’s “I Walked” and “200 Words” off the new album. Here’s the NoiseTrade link and a YouTube video.

Brooke Waggoner: “The NoiseTrade Sessions”
Brooke is a singer-somgwriter from Nashville with a new album “Originator” just out. Her music has drawn comparisons to Kate Bush, Cat Power, and David Bowie. Here’s the NoiseTrade link and YouTube videos of “Fresh Pair of Eyes” from her 2007 debut ep and “Ink Slinger” off the new album.

Kim Richey: “An Introduction To Kim Richey”
It’s unfortunate that Kim needs an “introduction” as she has been making great music for almost 20 years. Her music is described as “progressive country” and  “alternative americana” while she draws comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Her new album “Thorn In My Heart” comes out April 16. Here’s a link to the NoiseTrade sampler and a YouTube video of “Those Words We Said” from “The Collection” a compilation of songs from her first 4 albums……..get a copy.

Butterfly Boucher: “Butterfly Boucher”
She hails from Adelaide, Australia by way of Nashville and plays pop-rock that is at once accessible and challenging all at the same time. She’s talented enough to have played every instrument on her second album “Scary Fragile” with a voice strong enough to sustain a duet with David Bowie (“Changes”) for the soundtrack to “Shrek 2”. Here’s the Noisetrade link and a YouTube video of “5678!”.

and if you couldn’t make it to SXSW, here are links to 4 free sampler albums featuring some of the more than 1300 bands and artists that appeared at the event. By the way, my sources tell me that Prince closed the festival with an absolutely amazing performance that the L.A. Times called “a party to end all parties”.

Don’t Mess With Texas: SXSW 2013 New Music Sampler” from Amazon.com
HGTV/Paste SXSW 2013 Sampler” from Noisetrade
Little Brother SXSW 2013 Sampler” from Little Brother Music
Amazon SXSW 2013 Sampler” from Polyvinyl Records

and last but certainly not least, 3 more Amazon samplers worth a download especially if you forgot that March was Metal Madness month (it’s never too late you know). There’s also a wonderful classical sampler from Allegro that I particularly like:

Armoury Records March Metal Madness 2013 Sampler
Artery Recordings March Metal Madness ’13
Allegro Classical Winter 2013 Sampler